Residential Grid-Tie

Residential grid-tie systems help you reduce or eliminate your power bill. If you’re paying more than about $150/month on electricity, then a grid-tie provides a great payback.

Grid-tie highlights:
-Fast payback times (6 years or so)
-Grid-tie generally DOES NOT provide power during outages. Since you are selling power back to the grid, these systems are designed to shut down during outages. here’s why

Grid-tie process:
Send us a copy or a photo of your power bill. We want to look at your average power consumption throughout the year. This will help us size your system.

Choose between mounting solar panels on your roof, or on a ground-mounted array.

To proceed, our electrical engineer will begin the permit application process.

Once the permitting process has begun, we order the equipment, and install it. By then, we usually have the go ahead to connect the system.

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