Nutre Hogar and Solar Panels

Nutre Hogar is a treatment center for malnourished children. Here, the children have a second chance in life through early intervention in health care and continuous monitoring.

Nutre Hogar, like many NGOs in Panama, still pays the regular rate complete by electricity. This is an important cost each month, mainly due to the cost of operation of appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning, etc. With more than 40 mouths for feed, this adds up!

In the case of Nutre Hogar – Chiriqui, the power bill is on average, just over $ 1000 per month, money that could be used much better for food, medicine and other needs. Last year, we were approached by one of our clients to see what could be done to help reduce this cost. After analysing the situation, we put together a plan. The idea being to provide NutreHogar with a long-term, maintenance-free source of electricity. NutreHogar then approached The Archdiocese of Panama who generously contributed the funds for the the panels and inverters. Meanwhile Ing. Teofilo Gomez provided his engineering services pro-bono. SiempreSol donated our services to put it all together and make it happen! It’s a real honour to be able to contribute like this to such a wonderful organization!

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