Off-Grid Systems

Off-Grid Solar systems offer you the possibility of running your home or business without being connected to the power grid. There are a couple of significant advantages to doing this.

-No more surges and spikes to damage your electronics. Most damage to electronics in Panama is not directly from lightning strikes nearby, but from the electrical grid. Isolating yourself from the grid isolates your electronics from this problem.

-Power when you need it, not when the power company can deliver it to you.
Lightning, tree branches on power lines, power rationing, load balancing…all of these things affect the power companies ability to provide reliable, uninterrupted service.

-Savings. Generating your own solar power means you use less grid power, allowing you to save long term.

-In times of crisis, natural catastrophes or political instability, it’s important to have the means of generating your own power – locally. A public power grid will be affected by winds, earthquakes, landslides, droughts (hydroelectricity needs high water levels to produce efficiently) fuel rationing, sabotage etc… With your own off-grid solar system, you can keep critical loads functioning. Systems like:
-refrigerators and freezers
-security systems
-water pumps

Talk to us about a solution that works for you. We’ve installed large, full house off-grid systems, all the way to small solar back-up systems for critical loads.PXL_20220518_154211265.NIGHT

(Shown above, a large 12kw residential system. Showing inverters, charge controllers and lithium-manganese battery bank)