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  1. Whole-house battery back-up. Sick and tired of frequent power outages? Don’t like the noise, smell, and maintenance requirements of a generator? A whole-house battery back-up immediately (no delay) kicks in when the grid goes down. Providing you with seamless power for several hours. Recharges the battery once the grid is back up.
  2. Solar with battery back-up. Add solar panels to your whole-house battery back-up. This will help you save on your power bill, and increase your independence from the grid.
  3. Off-grid. Ok, so…A) you’ve had with Naturgy, and want your to control your own power…or B) you live or are building where there is no grid available. Call us for great off-grid solutions!
  4. Grid-tie systems. You have the grid, but your power bills are sky high! Save money by putting in a grid-tie system that sells your excess power back to the grid. These systems usually pay for themselves in five years or less!

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