SiempreSol is a Chiriqui-based solar energy business focused primarily on commercial solar systems and residential off-grid systems. These are somewhat different applications, so let’s look at what’s right for you.

Grid-Tie Solar.
Grid-tie systems are by far the most popular. They are relatively straightforward, and offer big savings on your power bill. If you spend more than $150 per month on power, grid-tie can really help you lower, or eliminate your power bill.

Grid-tie simply means that the power generated by your panels is either immediately used on site, or is exported to the power grid. You are credited for what you export. You can recuperate your investment in grid-tie in under five years…which is pretty good compared to other investments or bank offerings!

Grid-tie is great…until it isn’t. And it isn’t great when the grid goes down, as by law, so does your system (this is so that linesmen don’t get electrocuted whilst trying to repair the power lines. So grid-tie’s vulnerability is during power outages, it is useless. So, its benefit is economical and environmental as opposed to being a reliable power back-up solution.

Off-Grid Solar
This system uses a battery bank to store electricity produced by your panels during the day. The batteries are charged up, and your inverter powers the loads in your home, drawing power from the batteries as needed.
Off-Grid is a great way to have power in remote locations, or in areas with spotty electrical service. Off-grid systems are always much more expensive, mainly due to the cost of the batteries.

Solar Back-Up
Many of our clients use a solar back-up system. That is, a system that works with the grid to power loads during regular periods, but provides battery back-up so that when the power goes out, the system seamlessly switches over to battery power. Solar back-up allows you to save on your power bill, while being offering peace of mind.